Patrick Vieira Red Card Elbow on Marco Materazzi Manchester City v Inter Milan 31st July 2010

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25 thoughts on “Patrick Vieira Red Card Elbow on Marco Materazzi Manchester City v Inter Milan 31st July 2010

  1. Materazzi fakes too much..he kills the flow of the game…just get back up e gioca la partita

  2. This is enough proof to see that Serie A is fixed this is all you need when Vieira jumps for that ball he doesn’t look to hurt anyone and gets a straight red whereas Materazzi does it on purpose in games intently to purposefully hurt the player and hes lucky to see a yellow this is why i never bother to watch Inter Milan games the only fair teams are Juventus, Roma, and probably now AC Milan but that’s why they’ve gone so rubbish.

  3. I practice martial arts and I hardly see how this strike could even be painfull. Still it’s a ridiculous gesture by Vieira (who probably couldn’t know who and if it would hurt someone) and the red card is fair decision.

  4. Are you trying to hit on me? And since when is someone who cheers for Brazil ever jealous about football from another country?

  5. Not sure why in Italy players are willing to become castrati to try to win. Most players just try playing better. I’ll keep my manhood, and my pride thank you.

  6. @tbmike23
    And… yes… this is STILL called ENVY
    😀 😀 😀
    Your deep, crawling envy, is our biggest pleasure 😀
    Thank you 🙂

  7. @tbmike23
    hahahahaah yaya… sure 😀
    take care of your envious liver XD
    You lost and you will lose again, soon, don’t worry, envious guy 😉

  8. Materazzi is a woman. “The big man hurt me! Boo hoo!” I was so mad when Italy won the World Cup because this is how they won it. Brian McBride, Zinadine Zidane, Vieira, Keano. Materazzi isn’t fit to wipe their boots. I bet he’ll show this to his children and be proud of being a gigantic pussy.

  9. What a bloody big girl – rolling around after a flat forearm landed on his head. Not an elbow flat of the forearm. Bloody big jessie.

  10. I would have given him a kick in the back of the head full-blown as soon as knew that red-card came out and knew he was faking.

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