25 thoughts on “Seongnam Vs Inter [0 – 3] ALL GOALS 15/12/2010

  1. @woodsman513 i have for the past 10 years buddy. wide receiver…the results remain the same. football is not a sport…its just miller lite entertainment for people who dont believe in other kinds of socialization. and my latter comments are based on extensive surveys…theyre not subjective..

  2. @woodsman513 im pretty sure the entire world disagrees with that. 0.9 percent of the time “your football” is actually played with the foot…and thats because it consists of fat 400 lb men that call themselves sportsmen who cant even use their feet but only rely on strength rather than tactic. the only sportslike concept behind football is the quarterback…the rest is just a pathetic joke misinterpreted by men who overuse their testosterones among other men but cant utilize them in bed..thanks

  3. Eu assisto a PREMIER aos campeonatos europeus de vários países e constatei a seguinte idéia.
    Algumas equipes sul-americanas são inferiores aos clubes europeus como Manchester united,Barcelona,Milan,Inter,Chelsea,Real Madrid ,mas clubes de segunda linha e terceira linha da Europa e que praticamente não possuem títulos e torcida de expressão como Everton,Fulham,Atletico Bilbao,Zaragosa, Cagliari,Genoa

  4. e muitas outras equipes que fazem parte da PREMIER League e serie A italiana e espanhola são inferiores tecnicamente se comparados aos melhores clubes da américa do sul como Internacional,Corinthians, Grêmio,Cruzeiro, São Paulo ,L.D.U,Estudiantes,Velez Sarsfield,Boca juniors.
    Ou seja a diferença entre europeus e sul-americanos não é grande

  5. @Justdonttouchmyballs I knew that. there is no way to even compare european football to south american football. and that is because of the tremendous financial difference.

    I wasn’t saying south american teams are better in general than european teams. that is just a dumb thing to say.

    but still, they don’t win always.

  6. @diegochilecruzado

    Sure, and that’s why all European footballers go to Internacional, Palmeiras and so on.
    No, it’s the other way: from South America to Europe ;p.

    I believe you’re report is correct, but the difference in quality isn’t shown by those statistics.
    Although you have a point, that’s why I didn’t thumbs upped that guy and I thumbs upped you (y).

  7. @nabilion
    Of course they stagnate, there is a limit ;p. It’s because the Asian clubs are weaker, there is more space
    for improvement ;p. Tournament, friendly matches, that kind of shit is what I mean ;p.

  8. @Justdonttouchmyballs yeah all european clubs except for german ones have stagnated. Whilst asian clubs are improving everyday without money. Everton and the Rangers played the aussie clubs in a tornament not friendly matches.

  9. @nabilion
    My point is: you can’t compare European football to Asian football. I can argue about
    this with you on and on but that would be a waste of time for you and me ;p.
    +When did Everton or Rangers play Aussie clubs? Probably pre-seasons matches ;p.

  10. @Justdonttouchmyballs you do realize that seongnam is better than at least 15 clubs in this season’s serie A. everton and the ranger are clubs that only have inter, ac and juventus higher ranked higher than them on the uefa club rankings list. Those two clubs struggled to get a draw against australian clubs. With that the K-league is much stronger than the a-league as you can see through the ACL.

  11. @nabilion

    Believe me, their motivation wasn’t that big, it’s a game they had to play and they did.
    If you’re not motivated, you just don’t play that well. And these guys gain 100 000 euros/pounds/dollars
    a week, playing a tournament with a lot of crappy teams is nothing to compare with the Serie A or the

  12. @Justdonttouchmyballs West ham, has dramatically lost a huge part of its fan base and rightly so. Because the club isn’t doing its best to get itself onto a even playing field, ie getting more money into the club. So the fans have the right to leave.
    These guys play soccer for a living, they would want to destroy any threat to them so they will always looking to score 5 goals. In this case they couldn’t.

  13. @nabilion
    Those people support their team because they live in there, that’s not sad.
    Or they have other reasons. But lots of supporters are supporters because their
    club is very succesful. And when their team plays bad, the public leaves or starts
    to shout like wild animals. That’s sad.

    To end this whole discussion: games like PSV-Feyenoord are very rare and if Inter really
    wanted to put in 5 they would have done it ;p.

  14. @fluxu5 jebo te siptar u supak nacionalisticki i onaj ko te naucio da psujes tako, vidis da nemas pojma o cemu pricas, samo mozes kurcine da se naduvas.

  15. @123idkuser note the south american world champion to european world champion ratio is pretty much 1:1.

    look at history its not a rare occurrence for a south american team to beat the european team.

    out of the intercontinental cup which ended in 2004, south american teams got 22 victories to europe’s 21.

    and out of the current club world cup, its 3 to south america and 3 to europe.

    go write about something you understand.
    props to the other retards who gave you thumbs.

    waiting for answer.

  16. @woodsman513 your a dumb fuck literally.. football/soccer is world wide and lasts through the whole year.. not like football that is only through the winter..

  17. @2454014 This tournament is still really under-developed. Effectively the winning team from each continent’s “Champions League” participate as well as a team from the host country.

  18. 5 Cose su questa partita. 1°cosa Non sono interista anzi sono juventino ma devo ammettere ke l’inter la meritata la partita 2° cosa L’europa e la + sviluppata nel calcio del mondo,chi vince la champions league si puo’ dire praticamente che vince pure la coppa del mondo, 3°cosa Faccio i complimenti agli interisti ed a javier zanetti che e’ un capitano sportvio(insomma) ma si merita tutto questo 4° cosa Non vi gasate troppo ke in serie A mo le prendete 😀

  19. @123idkuser actually north american and some asian clubs have even more money than european ones, that’s why henry and cannavaro went to these countries… it’s about fashion and history, not just the money…

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