25 thoughts on “Sampdoria vs Inter Milan 0-2 – Wesley Sneijder Amazing Goal – 27-02-2011

  1. @MrCRAMY2 ozil is better and shit keeping and serie a is shit just in the top 4 leagues in the
    world after epl, la liga and bundesliga and the french league is pretty close

  2. @ForzzaFCH :..so,on what pitch can we see you play?..56th devision somewhere in Switzerland,or something like that?

  3. @jomnz :exactly..quite embarrassing,for a country that always was proud of the way they played in the past..and this time they didn’t win it either..

  4. @elfreto14 Man….if it would feel like living in Belgium in Canada, this country would have a population of only 100 people ha!ha!ha!

  5. @jomnz tl feels like living in canada taking somebitch to your candy ass. thatz how it feels

  6. @elfreto14 So tell me son, how does it feel to live in Belgium…the Albania of Western Europe?

  7. @elfreto14 “who told you that people dislike french people”

    Google: “I hate French”


  8. @jomnz another crazy pig, who told you that people dislike french people? omg i’m talking with tarzan. Dutch sound goood?

  9. @elfreto14 Let me guess…..you live in the French part…. no wonder why you deny to be a Belgium…. no wonder why people don’t like people who speak French #LOL

  10. @jomnz wtf, i do live in belgium so i put the country of residence when i subscribed. Thats clear for u?

  11. @jkj10 “at least in ’74 and ’78 we played football that was watchable…”

    They still play great football to look at, they just didn’t show it at the world cup and focused on the results instead.

  12. @jomnz :so do I,let’s shake hands…Man,the trauma just keeps getting worse..three lost WC finals in a lifetime is just a lil’ too much..at least in ’74 and ’78 we played football that was watchable..

  13. @jkj10 “And if us Dutchies know so much about football,how come we never won a WC?..Think about it,and don’t come up with:”We were just unlucky”,cuz we played football,this last WC,which made me feel quite embarrassed.”
    Us? I’m not Dutch. So your 16 million people managed to win a Euro, reached the world cup final 3 times, are ranked #2 in the world, won 6 champion leagues with 3 different clubs and 2 world championships and you feel embarrassed? Man…..do I feel sorry for you…sigh

  14. @elfreto14 “it doesnt matter if 13 peoples agree with MrCRAMY2”
    Make that 20… (rolling eyes)

    “And stick it on ur mind, i’m not belgian”
    Then you must be really ashamed of your country if you decide to put Belgium in your profile instead….

  15. @Uenbg “Nobody agreed with Columbus… He would have probably gotten a lot of thumbs down.”
    What retarded comparison, Columbus made a PREDICTION.

  16. The real Golden Ball 2010.

    Italian Serie A 2009/2010: WON
    Italian Cup 2009/2010: WON
    Champions League 2009/2010: WON (scoring vs Dinamo Kiev, CSKA and Barcelona and great assists vs Chelsea and vs Bayern in the final)
    Italian Super Cup 2010: WON
    FIFA World CLUB Cup 2010: WON.

    FIFA WORLD CUP 2010: Final and top scorer of the turnament.

    What he had to do to win the Golden Ball? ah yeah….sell a lot of shirts! fuck FIFA!


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