Ronaldo – R9 vs. R99 – Fictive Inter vs. Milan Derby ! ! ! [HD]

Inter vs AC Milan: A fictive derby with Ronaldo Fenomeno in each teams… Song used: “Carmina Burana Techno Mix” – SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL FOR A lot more ! ! !

25 thoughts on “Ronaldo – R9 vs. R99 – Fictive Inter vs. Milan Derby ! ! ! [HD]

  1. por algo le pusieron el fenomeno, sin duda el mejor jugador de la historia digan lo que digan, quien se compara con el ,messi .cristiano ,maradona,pele, ninguno de ellos tiene la potencia,abilidad definicion que ronaldo tenia y sigue teniendo.

  2. was number 9 more dangerous then 99 ???
    cuz R99 had three injuries and little more weight then R9

  3. did do all the movies by own ur own? where did u get all the footage and all…i watched every single one of em …….gr8 gr8 work buddy

  4. wasn’t he hated by the Inter fans because he went to AC MILAN ?
    Btw I love him!

  5. He’s probably the only player who has played in Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter and Milan 😀

  6. great work man!!!!
    mm o and please send me this amazing song, i couldn´t found it

  7. Mamma mia.. sono dei grandi!! Invece sempre di calcio, avete sentito mai parlare di KICKO?

  8. Why at 1:23 He wore the no 10 kit for Inter? I thought he wore the no 9 kit?
    Anyway great video 😀

  9. ur videos are perfect Pete….i lov them all…Ronaldo and Francesco TOTTI are my fav football player after PELE….

  10. within an amount of , say, 7, 8 games for milan? and had already market inter’s defense. the king of all derbys. here in brasil is the same. his first goal was on a derby corinthians e palmeiras. 2 of our big teams

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