25 thoughts on “Inter Milan vs Genoa 5-2 Yuto Nagatomo Goal! *Serie A*

  1. lol i luving the bow to the captain. they should implement that celebration move to fifa 12 😀

  2. i watch inter game cause of etoo..if he subtutated i go slep..barca fan would never forget him whereever he go,he play

  3. 日本人の誇りだ!

  4. @shotainoue it’s “Ojigi” お辞儀
    it’s to show respect to someone higher ranked than you are.
    Mostly by age.

  5. @shotainoue  no!no!”OJIGI”

  6. Thank god! I’m korean and i so hope that Asia will one day dominate in football 😀

  7. That’s great goal & cute/somewhat funny bow^^.
    Go Nagatomo go with number 55!! I wanna wear the uniform^^.

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