25 thoughts on “Inter Milan 4 – 3 Siena Full Goals Highlights 09/01/2010

  1. @McShlisy yes – yes I am. And to put it straight- Maradona is a fucking chimp. He’s all fat and coked up. I have little respect for his integrity- Thats what I mean by classless. Its the same with Mourinho- he brings shame to the game with his actions but his record is amazing. When you get older you’ll realize that its not just about your stats- its the way you carried yourself. Maldini to me is a legend. Maradona is a phenom that embarrasses himself.

  2. @TheIrodrigu lol wow you’re still going on about this? Listen he’s human, everyone has some stains in his history and yes I did see what he did in that Madrid – Ajax match and I’m not proud of it of course. But that doesn’t mean he’s classless lol. I’m 19 so what? Video games? Is that your best feedback? Even the best legends have some stains. Maradona scored with his hand against England does that make him classless? If you say yes then you’re a dumbass and I need not to waste my time with you.

  3. @McShlisy Lets define terms – I don’t mean classless in the European sense. He’s skilled and he’s top ‘class’ but he brings shame on the game at times. Eat your fucking typed nonsense now. Unless you’re blind or dead and didn’t watch that piece of shit CHEAT his team out of yellow cards for the upcoming UCL matches.

  4. @McShlisy Mourinho is fucking classless- I just remembered you defending him in this comment when I watched him and Madrid pick up 2 red cards on purpose vs Ajax last week. Mourinho is a fucking genius but he is a slimy piece of shit. I’m right you’re wrong the whole world sees it and you need to come back and eat your words.

  5. if arnatovic wasn’t there we couldn’t get the titile look at the pas he made at the dead and also rememeber inter won by 1 point so it was a close league

  6. @McShlisy holy crap- just checked your page- your’re 19???? never mind. Go back to playing video games. I shouldn’t have been arguing with you about this.. Pointless.

  7. @McShlisy Greeeaaat comeback. The special one is amazing but he has opened his mouth too many times to be a called classy. How long have you been watching the sport? If its not more than 10 years – get over it. He’s a champion but he doesn’t know when to shut his mouth.. Now before I do the same- I’ll shut up. Good luck this year.

  8. @TheIrodrigu Nevertheless Mourinho isn’t classless. You’re making a fool out of yourself. And to actually say no one will take that guy seriously if he considers Mourinho to have class. LOL yeah right, who are you? Sir Alex Ferguson? You’re just a pathetic person, make something out of yourself before saying that a man like Mourinho is classless.

  9. @McShlisy hey MC dumbshit. Classless doesn’t mean he isn’t extremely talented. Nothing to do with performance. You’re confusing two separate qualities.

  10. @TheIrodrigu Haha “I’m not going to take you seriously if you are going to really consider Mourinho having any class”. With that said, no one is going to take YOU seriously. Mourinho = classless? Are you an idiot? Yeah sure Leonardo is a good manager for converting a team like Milan and making them perform far better than what everyone expected them to so I can’t say anything wrong about him. But you’re an idiot if you actually think Mourinho is classless. Otherwise Madrid wouldn’t want him!

  11. for milan, it is worthless if you win the champ league with the title of CHEATER… go inter!!!!!!!!

  12. hey guys AC Milan and Juventus cheated for a decade thats why they are playing bad this year and cant do anything right.. its called the Italian Scandal ppl

  13. like i said. inter win, 9 point lead is back in place, and a milito goal. that sneijder red card was a joke. even with help from the officials milan couldn’t do it. forza inter!

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