Alexis Sanchez vs Inter de Milan Fullmatch Highlights all ambitions skills each touch every stepover, trick, pass, shot, assist, foul, penalty, … Watch IT IN High Quality HQ High DEFINITION Hd for a better picture Thanks for price and comment! Sorry about the title! Hope you like it 08/09 2008-2009 2008/09 08-09 so much … to be continued Champions League Barclays Premier League weekend FA Cup Carling Cup Manchester United vs one 2 three 4 five 6 eight 7 nine all targets purpose skills talent vs against fixtures and results: vs Portsmouth – Neighborhood Shield vs Newcastle 1-1 vs Portsmouth one- vs Zenit 1-two UEFA Tremendous Cup vs Liverpool one-two Villareal – UEFA Champions League vs Chelsea one-1 vs Middelsbrough 3-1 League ★ vs Bolton two-0★ vs Aalborg 3- UEFA Champions League vs Blackburn two- Premier League vs West Brom 4- Premier League ★ vs Celtic 3- UEFA Champions League vs Everton one-one Premier League vs West Ham two- Premier League ★★ vs Hull Town four-three Premier League live match: vs Hull Metropolis 4-2 (Ronaldo targets Carrick purpose vidic goal) EPL residence 01/11/2008 preview up coming match: vs Celtic CL absent 05/11/2008 ————————- Best Finest Globe Footballers 2009 GOALKEEPER: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Iker Casillas (Actual Madrid), Petr Cech (Chelsea), Edwin van der Sar (Manchester United).CENTRE BACKS: Fabio Cannavaro (True Madrid), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Paolo Maldini (AC Milan), Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), John Terry (Chelsea)Facet/ WING BACKS: Philip Lahm (Bayern

25 thoughts on “Alexis Sanchez vs Inter de Milan

  1. soy ecuatoriano y pienso k el se mereze un mejor club ..esta pal chelsea o liver pool tu save un equipo con mas nivel..buen jugador

  2. vean el ultimo partido que jugo contra el inter po hijos de puta para que se queden callaos los conchasumadres Alexis Sanchez vs Inter de Milan – Serie A 23/01/2011 hay esta …….sanchez los pasio y mas ensima ganaron 3 -1 al inter ja

  3. @mcpokes don’t worry my chelsea supporting friend, he’s coming to United so you can relax, right up until he proves his worth for us !!

  4. @mcpokes overrated?? If he is so overrated then why isnt he playing in a bigger club now ? If someone is overrated its Di maria..

  5. partidazo que se mando …. se lucio para que se lo lleven luego.. aparte es muy rápido excelente vídeo ….

  6. pedazo de jugador wn medias fintas ke hace eso ke es entero xico todavia tiene 22 años y juega de tal forma que seguro marcara grandes goles en el futuro

  7. Pedazo de jugador, no lo comparemos ni con messi ni con cristiano, creo que los 3 tienen distintas facetas en el campo. Ojo que alexis tiene apenas 22, 23 años!

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