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January 18 new nations, Samuel – Inter Milan Channel Roberto Eto’o with the Replica Football Shirt Supplier received – ska Pini interview, chat about a range of issues, a theme is to remind Leonardo Eto’o said, provided the require to play with totally free head appointment. “I believe it is something all players want to listen to, but I played with a totally free spirit, often football, to really like, but also to aid other folks to enjoy things do not issue extended as I can play, I will behave as a perform of artwork can be noticed:. You can give total play to win lose or get a draw, but you have to play with the right mindset. And check out to win “And the purpose of entering into the exhilarating, as in the game in opposition to Bologna and then Milito with the Football Shirt Thailand scored the goals as an assist.”This target is not only the function of two strikers, but teamwork, but it really is a fantastic objective.”Eto’o then talked about his book, “Samuel – Samuel Eto’o, Italy, the heart of Africa,” the book for him and journalists – co-Pardo, Rizzo Posted by Lee: “This is my second book, the book about my life because it is a dream, this book is published really properly the title of the book is what I stated, I function in Europe. But my reminiscences and preferences are in Africa – I am right now, tomorrow and in the future to see Africa When I’m not playing, I’ll do one thing to enhance the residing standards of African peoples, and boost. Men and women have completed some charity in Africa. “In the standard situation in Africa, African football, “Labyrinth of Mu club to beat the Planet Cup that I really feel these days, do not win simply because he with the Inter Milan Football Shirt has far more funds, if more effort, a lot more stronger faith, much more than anyone in court to spend much more, you win Inter Milan to do and won every thing. Who has only misplaced six in the championship I feel that African players are carrying out nicely in the planet, Africa. In several club coaches European good results signifies that our children can have more types – the sporting point of view or another stage of see is true now, the nationwide staff has reached a excellent degree, but farther absent. In my stage of watch, the situation can not be the scenario, there could be some time that some teams a lot more than the national group, but nobody knows. I assume when we grow to be a lot more secure and can enhance the high quality of football at all ranges, at the time, you can see the entire world champion African teams. If we enhance the stage of national championship, then the essential power of these countries will be strengthened, the gamers with the Inter Milan Shirt Football are not going to Europe to boost their stage. “

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