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Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti said he would never coach Inter Milan, AC Milan, the future re-call him if he would not hesitate to agree.Together with a player, and AC Milan’s Carlo Ancelotti fate for 13 years, and Hong Heijun have deep feelings, so he invited him to Inter Milan dismiss rumors. Ancelotti said: “I will go to Inter Milan, as Leonardo did? not, though I respect some people’s personal choices. “”I spent 13 years in AC Milan’s time for me to deny the past is impossible. “”Moratti said he is considering me? I thank Soccer Jersey him for his kindness, but I would not change my mind, I am a AC Milan. If Moratti called me in the future, I will politely refused his invitation . “Ancelotti also said, AC Milan, issued against him in the future if called, he would not hesitate to go back. “Back to AC Milan? now I’m Chelsea, I do not think possible. “”But if one day AC Milan, Silvio Berlusconi or anyone else to give me a call, I would not hesitate to say ‘good’, because some relations and some brilliant moments will never be forgotten. “In the signings, the “Manchester Evening News,” said the Manchester City hope to sign Italian international in the summer for free, master midfielder Andrea Pirlo. Pirlo in AC Milan has won twice during the Champions League, Serie A league titles and one Italian Cup once, but also to the absolute core of the identity to help the Premier League Jersey Italian team won the 06 World Cup in Germany. Andrea Pirlo, 31-year-old’s contract with Milan due to the summer, but his progress in contract talks and Milan’s poor. The Rossoneri are now controlling salary expenditures, Pirlo’s weekly salary is 10 pounds now, but was told would be provided only to renew the contract salary in half, but he may refuse to do so, leaving the team for the summer on a free.Juventus, Manchester City, Chelsea and Barcelona are all very interested in Pirlo, Juventus could offer him a 4-year contract, but can only provide 6 million pounds of weekly earnings; Chelsea had to sign twice attempted Pirlo, Carlo Ancelotti really appreciate Pirlo, but Pirlo in May of this year will be at least 32 years of age, and Man City kits not in line with Chelsea’s signings strategy. But for Manchester City for £ 15 weekly Vieira this summer is likely to be leaving the team, which will free up salary cap room to join Pirlo. If Manchester City can play Champions League next season, then the attractiveness for the Pirlo will undoubtedly be even greater.Manchester City’s young striker Kelvin Egyptian jailed for eight months before plans Hu because he beat in a and lead to other injuries.In last year’s February 28, Egypt plans Hu in Manchester, a quarrel with others, the results triggered a melee between two people. Video footage shows the scene, Egyptian Figure 1 meter 85 a Mingjiao Ou Wen Hu people blow knocked to the ground, and then like to play as the latter fell to the floor in front of even severely kicked Tripod. jaw fracture, and therefore Egypt plans manchester city jerseys was jailed eight months.Egypt plans Hu, 22, was born in Nigeria, grew up in London and is currently a member of Manchester City reserve team, Cong in 2006, he has a team in Manchester has experienced more than 10 appearances, scoring off a ball, From 2007, he leased in the basic state has on loan to Rochdale, Leicester City and played for Cardiff City.Egypt plans Hu is the youngest of three brothers, his elder brother is midfielder Dickson Egypt plans Hu, a number of more famous in football, who currently plays for English Premier League Fulham.

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