As A Tactic Fail Kaka Fail too

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Away to Almeria on Sunday, Mourinho in initial card as a substitute of Benzema. Even though Mourinho has said that Kaka is a striker, but following enjoying the Brazilians or midfield companion and Özil, in contrast to Mary Dumas C. Luo and distribution of left and right. The game did not help to not much less than Almeria Actual Madrid won, was criticized soon after the game by natural means. The great figures said. “Kaka played 53 minutes to go, Actual Madrid do not lead to the front, and helps Barn Benzema equalized following playing” The Genuine Madrid lacks middle, Mourinho has tried using to be introduced species when taking part in in the center. As the Portuguese press would say after the game, was injured in Higuain, Benzema Vacation consecutive appearances, although the back again cover of the cards also have to alter their status to play regardless of the tactical middle of course. C. Luo and Dima property when the left and correct wing dominated by Liberia, attacking midfielder Kaka Özil in any guard beside him. Injuries of much more than six months soon after the 1st card they experience are missing, so the Real Madrid “not before” the exercise is not uniform. The main shortcomings of the overall performance of the old road, typically blocked, when the C. Luo and Mary Dima Xiecha the road, Özil and Kaka did not give them ample area room. The very first 15 minutes, Jose Mourinho, had to return to the previous 4231: Luo C in the middle front, proper Kaka Dumas left Liberia Özil is in the middle as the ball process. The piece was created scoring chances: the first 41 minutes, ahead of Kaka goes left, C fire I limited to the left rib cage left Almeria goalkeeper Diego Alves Goa denied by the legs.A game is not excellent, players will need to get good results in the versatile use in the game can not play defense before he misplaced the other two marked target can break the wing to roll back swiftly. But once more, due to the fact there is a center of “tight” the other midfielder, Almería is straightforward to move on right after the defense side. Genuine Madrid in the 1st 45 minutes of possession time is really decrease in Almeria Mourinho just 53 minutes to Benzema with the Inter Milan Jerseys Soccer changed Kaka, no strategies before the trial ended in a hasty announcement. Underneath typical circumstances, no deal with, just play the Group B Mourinho plans, like right now and get Higuain, Benzema winter holidays, not in area under the new middle was used. The issue is that True Madrid has to bite the club in the league, can not give up the King’s Cup, the Champions League knockout Jiqiangkaida also the duration of the test Mourinho in Inter Milan Jersey however united front strategies? Do not test, so there will be panic brought on by the followers right after the match with Almeria, a journalist at a press conference and even afraid to consult, “four points of Barca Genuine Madrid has come to indicate the league is no hope”ude.

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