25 thoughts on “Mourinho last moments with Inter Milan after the UCL final 2010

  1. nobody noticed, but he tooked the ball of the game, and when other players were celebrating the trofee, he was celebrating because he got the ball of the game, i think even today mourinho is keeping the ball at his home…

  2. lool, he was making fun of etoo saying “you bastard 😛 its your 3rd champions league”

    people, this man its kindfull, this man loves his players, loves football, he loves life…

    only the one´s who envy him, cant see the person he really is, not only the guy who wins everything, he is special…

  3. tks Mister for everything you have done for us per sempre uno di noi . What a day it was ….. Forza inter

  4. Ogni volta che vedo questo video mi vengono le lacrime agli occhi.
    Quanto ci manchi José …

  5. @DaaNBanaaN awww, are u sad because this vid is not about the dutch mastermind winning it.

  6. my question is not realted to this video i’m just generally asking for information
    Can some one tell me that did he ever talk about or response on his fans according to my knowledge he always talk about team fans??????????

  7. 2:30 – 2:40.

    And that’s it. José Mourinho is to coaches something that even Maradona, Zidane or Pelé weren’t to players. The Supra-Coach.

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