25 thoughts on “Minecraft Megabuild – Inter/AC Milan Football Stadium ‘San Siro’ – Part 21 –

  1. Could you roughly estimate the date when it is going to be finished please?

  2. I second this suggestion to use ice. I’ve seen it done on another stadium (baslerdoor’s build for FC Basel 1893), and it looks fantastic.

  3. will be random from the requests, i will make a video about it when i finish this 1.

  4. what stadium are you going to build after this? Allianz arena,parc des princes

  5. nope im not making a video for it because there are far too many on youtube.

  6. i’ve tried it but it isn’t really working kan you maybe make a video of how to use it??

  7. I can’t link in comments but it;s really easy. Just go to GOOGLE and type in “MCedit”. It should be the top link. Download it then open up the map. Use the select option and select the whole stadium, click export, save it. Then open up the map you want to put it on. Now click Import and then put it where you want.

    If you didnt understand the part about importing and exporting then search on youtube. “Importing and Exporting Schematics on MCedit”.

  8. oh and i forgot something you have forgot the 2 other stairs in the middle you can see it if you look at fotos and sorry if my English is bad i’m dutch

  9. can you give a link to the MCedit you have so i can use it too and what stadium are you going to build after this magnificent stadium 🙂

  10. haha i support boro and i hope blackpool go up cos i like hollaway hopeful boro can go back up to the prem next season and one day get back in europe, yet im very optimistic

  11. Exactly. But for me I do care about the Prem because I support United. On the other hand, I also support Blackpool due to Family so I do care for the Championship also. Maybe after this weekend I’ll only need to focus on them Prem again 🙂

  12. and a performance doest come with an awful manager, both teams have world class managers, tbh i dont give a shit about the prem its all championship for me

  13. I don;t see why people are complaining about it tbh, both teams have spent money over the years to buy players, United got Young, De Gea, Phil Jones, Berbatov all at huge prices so I just don’t see how people can say it. The money buys the players, but the players have to perform to get the wins.

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