Milan Officially Offer Popular Tiewei 2500000

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A repeated speculation in Italy, AC Milan with the Planet Cup Football Shirt, the media for the acquisition of ten million euros, whilst new West Kerry Torrey, Beijing on January eighteen early morning, “all markets” in a leadership position strategy on the first page reveals one more message. AC Milan and rumors rampant West Kerry Torrey, whilst Galliani has also set a left lateral acquisition plan B. € two,500,000 acquisition of Swiss global Ziegler Sampdoria. Nowadays, practically all Italian media have enthusiastically participated in the acquisition of Milan, news of Kerry Torrey West, Galliani said: “I do not assume Kerry Torrey West arrive to Milan, but it is dependent on us and talk about the outcomes Océ prairie financial system. “Financial identical Ossie Meadow explained.” Galliani I ate 8 meals, no doubt some of the topics of the talks, “mentioned Kerry Torrey Manager West:” If AC Milan and Genoa have attained agreement, West Kerry Torrey me no dilemma. “Statements created by the parties, the negotiations there, chances of success. But in any situation the negotiations fail, there are variables. The most crucial variable is that if a reduce cost then the candidates, AC Milan with the Football Nationwide Teams, is also ready to achieve 10 million bucks of actual income to get him Torrey Christian West? January 18, Mediaset tv stations in Italy, “any market” on the 1st page demonstrates, AC Milan, Sampdoria opened to 2.five million euros in the acquisition of new Swiss facet. That news was confirmed by the broker Ziegler. Ziegler Beipu agent – Pozzo stated: “Ziegler was in Milan as an notion, but I can say is that the existing circumstance is not only an opportunity?”

Why these low charges Ziegler? This is primarily because of a Ziegler agreement ends in July 2011 and Ziegler, agreement negotiations with the team broke down fully. If Ziegler Sampdoria sale at this time, but in exchange for many million euros, but yet again and once again 6 months there will be no harvest Samp. Meanwhile, in Milan, at the expiration of the agreement if the words of Jean Ziegler, will be much levels of competition in Ziegler, the staff such as Naples, Palermo and some Premier League teams had been the two 24 many years aged Swiss worldwide interested. Consequently, if Milan with the Inter Milan Football Shirt is now going to price two.five million of its introduction, the lack of the military wing of the resolution, but also to guarantee that the introduction of low cost flights Jiang Yuan, can be described as a double. Ziegler joins Sampdoria in 2007, has manufactured excellent progress in latest many years in Serie A, has grow to be the major force of the Swiss nationwide crew. Ziegler and people care in comparison info Antonini League, the frequency is a breakthrough Ziegler practically twice as typically occurs Antonini Antonini is instances, steals the frequency is 1.6 occasions Antonini. It is foreseeable that if Ziegler joined Milan, Milan has left the two offense and defense force should be raised. Curiously, the “total market” Galliani interview on Monday and asked him “to the new Ziegler, can present new?” Galliani again to begin their “Yunshanwuzhao” signifies the very first. It also helps make the media will unquestionably be even more complicated. In all circumstances, the left lateral place Galliani, A, B two programs that Milan with the Inter Milan Football Shirt has finished the acquisition of falling charges is without doubt useful and not harmful.

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