Manchester United and Real Madrid tied

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Present successful coloration guessing the fifth spherical of the Champions League game, on sale time is at twenty:00 on November 21, sale time is at 23:00 on November 23.

A: Inter Milan vs FC Twente, Tottenham vs Werder Bremen

Tottenham and Inter Milan are seven factors, 5 factors Twente, Bremen 2 factors, in idea, the chance of Bremen also qualify, but this probability is very really tiny, Tottenham and Inter Milan are to assume two-sport dropping streak for the task The two-game winning streak they ought to, that the predicament at a glance spherical, Bremen competitiveness in the street is essential, and Inter Milan face FC Twente in the property, that target would not have explained, and Twente want to get away the group stage points,Tottenham at residence is bound to win. football shirt B: Schalke vs Lyon, Hapoel vs Benfica

Lyon 9 points, Schalke seven points, Benfica six factors, Hapoel one moment, Hapoel has in truth been eradicated, qualifying spots will be in Lyon, Schalke and Benfica have three teams, due to the fact there is a Lyon and Benfica are Hapoel played the weakest area in the sport, so Schalke want to master the initiative in the home must be qualifying win, although Lyon lost yet again, so if the outlet to be a dilemma. Benfica against Hapoel visitor, if not win, then play the closing round of residence Schalke will be tough to grasp the initiative. football shirt thailand C: Wanderers vs Manchester United, Valencia vs Bursa

Manchester United ten points, Valencia 7 points, Rangers five, Bursa, Bursa has been removed. The two Manchester United and Valencia to win this round, then to be in a position to qualify, if Manchester United win, Valencia tie it with each other with the two teams can qualify, even though Manchester United a draw, along with Valencia win also qualify. Rangers want to preserve the suspense to the final round of qualifying, if they can not win, then we really should appear ahead to Valencia do not win, Bursa is nothing at all surprising growth, and even compete for seats in the European Union hopes are slim.

D: Kazan vs Lu Copenhagen, Pana Xin vs Barcelona

Barcelona eight points, 7 points Copenhagen, Kazan Lu three, Pana Xin 2 factors. Barcelona and Copenhagen will be in a position to tie all round as long as each qualify. Kazan Pana Xin Lu, and need to want to maintain Cup hopes alive with win at home, Kazan Lu and some hope of successful, Pana Xin house want to win extremely hard.

E: Roma vs Bayern Munich, Basel vs Cluj

Bayern 12 points have already been recognized and the standard lock the group, Rome six factors, three points Cluj, Basel three. Roma win would qualify this simple to worry about, and draw, then the final and undoubtedly qualify as prolonged as the win, while Cluj and Basel toTo qualify, then equally teams should win, in addition to the two teams will be straight linked to the group the third contest, which is the European Union status.

F: Mo Siba vs Marseille, Chelsea vs Si Lina

Chelsea twelve factors have currently been identified and are fundamentally the group, Mosi Ba and Marseille are six points, Si Liya has been eradicated. This set of situations at a glance, Mo Siba and Marseille direct confrontation will decide the second qualifier, who win who will be capable to qualify, a draw towards Marseille at a drawback because the Marseille last round is Chelsea.

G Group: A Jiake vs Actual Madrid, Milan vs Auxerre

Actual Madrid ten factors, Milan five,A Jiake four, Auxerre three. Actual Madrid will be ready to qualify this as extended as not shed, Agu Ke Milan to catch up with the greatest of the field could get points. Yet another, if Milan win the last spherical of qualifying will be ready to just break even, and AJ want to qualify we should win.

Group H: Arsenal vs Braga, Tony guerrilla vs miners

Arsenal nine factors, 9 points miners, Braga 6 points, Pui guerrilla . Tony guerrilla has been eliminated, Arsenal, miners and will compete for two places in Braga, Braga worst scenario, because the miners of this field is quite most likely to get 3 factors, Braga to beat Arsenal at residence to not advance to make sure thatEliminated, or only to the European Union

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