25 thoughts on “Lukas Podolski joins Inter Milan | #90More

  1. Nice and now they have to sell campbell they have already oxlade en wallcot
    and the have to sell giroud buy cavani khedira or gundogan and arsenal is

  2. Cannot understand the logic in playing welbeck as a winger when the sole
    reason he signed for arsenal was to play upfront, yet in those games he’s
    played at lw, podolski would have most probably had a far greater impact.
    Wenger is pathetic, continuously isolating players until they forced out of
    the club, especially when they actually can do contribute to the team

  3. I keep hearing Cavani’s name all over the place. And no doubt that would be
    a great signing (if he’s played in the right position). But we all know in
    the end Wenger is gonna sign some French league “prospect” who’ll end up a
    nobody in the BPL. Look for Arsenal to sign Lacazette (if that’s even how
    it’s spelled).

  4. even if you get cavani:
    1) wenger won’t know how to use him
    2)he’ll be a waste cos he’s really been average (at best) since he left

  5. We are going to get rid of good players, e.g Podolski, Campbell maybe
    sanogo, then sign a 29 odd player no one has heard of on loan like last

  6. Welbecks more of a criminal than Ched Evans to be paid the wages his on and
    consistently perform how he has ( bar galatasery) is criminal! Cavani made
    the main striker will solve our offensive problems in my eyes and if 60
    mill is what it takes to do so, then so be it! For fuck sake we can’t just
    be cheapskates and rely on bargains and young hidden gems like sanogo. And
    it’s not even as if wenger finds hidden gems any more it’s like wengers
    eyes are blinded by all the shit Danny’s produced, I mean Anelka at 19 was
    twice the player of sanogo and it’s as if wenger can’t see that. If we
    don’t sign a solid holding mid and a replacement for mertasacker then we
    may as well clear our Thursday night schedules for shitty Europa league and
    fucking Adrian fucking Charles!

  7. We will regret selling Podolski, badly.
    He is one of top players in the world but needs to get more playing time.
    He will score 15 or more goals for Inter till the end of the season. Mark
    my words.

  8. Good for him, good player who has been criminally underused, hopefully he
    stays at Inter

  9. Heres my logic. Lacazette is french. So is Wenger. We are going to try to
    sign Lacazette. 

  10. Giroud is out of form? Fuck off he’s been brilliant since coming back from

  11. I don’t know why you guys want Cavani, he’s been dogshit since he left
    Napoli, even when played as a sole striker with Ibra injured etc.

  12. APPARENTLY Wenger making wage space for Cavani, seems realistic but will he
    really buy him

  13. There will be no striker signed this window with Alexis, Giroud, Campbell
    and Walcott all fit now.

  14. Don’t understand the logic getting rid of Poldi from a purely on-pitch side
    of things for the club. If we need a goal, in my mind he is the man to turn
    to if he’s on the bench. If Wenger doesn’t want to play Ozil through the
    middle, then he shouldn’t be in the squad (yes I know he’s injured atm) and
    Poldi should be on the left rather than Ozil. When everyone is fit, Poldi
    is, unfortunately, probably 4th in the winger pecking order, behind Alexis,
    Walcott, and Cazorla. At the moment, however he should be starting with
    Walcott injured and Cazorla being mostly played through the middle.

  15. I think that if Arsene doesn’t have a top class striker signing ready (like
    Lacazette, Cavani, etc.) this move is a mistake. Podolski was a fantastic
    goalscorer and should’ve gotten more of a chance to lead the line.

  16. Only the akb cunts will defend Wenger over podolski, despite being such a
    solid player that can have an impact

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