Italian Serie A – Inter Draws with Palermo

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In one of the most exciting games of the day 31 of the Italian League, Inter Milan, who is at the top of the highest Italian soccer tournament, lost two points in the overall standings to a 2-2 draw with Palermo. The game started with the Nerazzurri strongly attacking their rivals with a powerful offensive system that they had not shown on previous games and with the dominion of the ball in their possession and with the help of the accurate and rapid movements of attackers Sulley Muntari and Mario Balotelli, Inter made its presence felt on the match against Palermo.

Since the beginning everything seemed to be in favor of the team led by José Mourinho, the fact of being the leaders of the Italian football and playing on their home stadium gave them great confidence to impose themselves strongly, making the best plays and surpassing their opponents, who at some point seemed a bit disoriented and scared. This high level of play shown by the Beneamata in the first half was also very useful to pass through the Rosanero’s defense without difficulties.

Just within the opponents’ area and with the ball in its power, the Internazionale dedicated to play great football, with excellent and quick plays, which is its typical style, and at minute 15 in the middle of a quick action of the defender Mario Balotelli, a powerful and accurate shot sent the ball straight to the bottom of the net of goalkeeper Marco Amelia and the thrill of a goal was felt throughout the field and made the crowd roar with passion.

Loaded with energy due to the first goal, Inter continued with their scheme of intense and offensive game, and amid of all the rapid movements going on due to the high level of the game, there was a move that was resulted in a penalty against Muntari, but this turned out to cause controversy because no action was taken by the referee, causing a great shock on both the Nerazurri players and the fans, who angrily complaint from the stands. But after overcoming this unpleasant moment, the game continued with the same dominant tone from Internazionale, who again were felt after the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimović scored a penalty at minute 39 to that put the score 2-0. Until that moment everything was going well for Inter, since later after the second goal the lead of Inter increased to twelve points over Juventus.

The second half didn’t have the same tone as the first half, Inter got relaxed thinking that they had the victory already secured, but this overconfidence made them to decline and lose concentration whereas Palermo, without wasting any time, took advantage of this situation and managed to take control of the game, entering more often in the opponents’ area.

The atmosphere remained like that in the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium during the second half until at minute 73 the striker Edison Cavani went ahead and launched a shot that entered directly into the net of the goalkeeper Francesco Toldo, putting the score 2-1. This goal action of the Rosanero was repeated three minutes later but in this occasion the opportunity came for Davide Succi, who scored and draw the game 2-2 in the end. With this, Inter lost two points but remains as the leader of Serie A with 73 points, followed by Juventus with 63 points and AC Milan in third place with just 61 points.

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