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Inter triumph, led by Leonardo with the Low-cost Soccer Jersey , a wave of 4 straight league, so lower the lead to 6 factors of Milan (a sport), but at this position, the wound began to sweep the personal Cesar Inter Seoul and Sneijder, the modern pattern back to Milito and fall, and Leonardo tense front line, even though the January 22 evening, the German media “442” is possible to enter windows in the front line winter months in the last moment to add, to cover a temporary shortage of personnel issues, and Klose is a common option.Leonardo in cost of Inter Milan, Roberto Mancini, then goes on to say that the training was 4312, Milito and Eto’o with the National Soccer Jersey in the entrance of a double arrow, the 2nd 50 % slowdown Milito irregular state in the return of In latest many years, sending two consecutive shooting performance, the prince also made an early statement of earnings Inter offensive, about 5 to Inter Milan scored 3 ambitions, an typical low against the modify When the scenario Benitez, but even with the favorable scenario in the conditions Inter Millie No warning signal in the case of injuries. League meeting with Inter Milan career Cesena, Milito played a passage in 1 moment a stroke, but the initial twenty minutes had been changed Leonardo, even however Leo Milito right after the match was declared a minor injury, but the Inter official introduced as a strained leg muscle Milito, and one day after the Gazzetta dello Activity, “explained Milito will be out for 3-5 video games, which indicates that the prince is probably to miss Inter Milan Juventus and Roma sophisticated dialogue, which is without doubt beat Inter. Inter Milan and Udinese at the press conference just before the match, conversing about the query of signing for Inter, the perspective of Leonardo da Vinci is the subsequent: The staff does not need reinforcements, but s’ is new gamers to join, would be welcome. “In reality, Inter Motion was introduced after yesterday’s” La Gazzetta dello Activity, “stated Inter Milan prior to the introduction of Feyenoord with the Inter Milan Jerseys Soccer are interested in the” new Thierry Henry “Antonio Castelnuovo, the German media” 442 “also stressed that Pistolero Klose of Germany is also the vision of accessibility to Inter, the Nerazzurri are interested in Bayern € two,500,000 incurred beneath the command of striker Diego Milito with his momentary closure place left vacant by the injury of expertise can aid present some interest.Bayern Klose problem today, the tactical program of part of Van Gaal, Gomez is the initial choice striker, Klose set only the bank but on the other hand, Bayern did not intend to drop the previous gun, as soon as who have officially rejected the club, Kaiserslautern gives. At present, the agreement expires Klose at Bayern in the summertime, Bayern did not intend to renew, and prepared to take part in the European Cup in 2012, Klose explained publicly that he desires to go to a club high-stage segment for Klose, Inter Milan with the Inter Milan Jersey is with out doubt a great option, but how to explain the launch of Bayern, Inter, but is positioned in front of a issue.

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