25 thoughts on “Inter Milan vs Schalke 04 (2-5) – All Goals & Full Highlights – UEFA Champions League

  1. ahhaha so? your team played better and i shutted up. i admit i lost for a
    reason. but i don’t accept someone that supports a team that is worse than
    juventus who exits in the quarters of CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, telling me we lost
    and insulting me, so when milan and inter lose i insult them. I’m free to
    do that because they broke my balls. FORZA JUVE.

  2. wie einfach niemand die bauern mag 😀 in den farben getrennt, in der sache
    vereint^^ leider hats nichts gebracht…

  3. if you are a milan fan you must shut up, 4-0 at camp nou, if you are a
    inter fan you must shut up, 2-1 at san siro against JUVE with bayern it’s
    not ended, there’s teh return, they’re too strong, but it’s not ended. The
    dream bianconero continues idiot!

  4. Sagen wir’s mal so: Wer höher steigt, wird tiefer fallen. 😀 Nächstes Jahr
    heizen wir den Bauern ordentlich ein!

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