25 thoughts on “Inter Milan vs Napoli 3-1 – Full Highlights & All Goals [6/1/2011]

  1. @napooletanu ce ai ma cu Chivu?…ciuda ca joaca in sa echipa??…bah omule..taci si nu mai comenta aiuria,oricum ii mai bun decat drogatul de Mutu,asa ca taci si nu mai injura degeaba

  2. Yesoo, I have so as well, we are now ready for Barca,Real Madrid & Milan!!!@interkaiser44

  3. i hope this silences all critics about inter, we are still great, FORZA INTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @Rmzizou injuries man don’t forget that, but still I didn’t feel comfortable when they brought him anyway. Leonardo .. Welcome to Inter

  5. i know the tactic of Leonardo, without decrease respect to inter, Milan will win the scudetto.. for the next 4 years

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