29 thoughts on “Inter Milan vs Lazio 2-1 – All Goals & Highlights – 23-04-2011

  1. If sneijder leaves inter and goes to man utd or barcelona, i tok diao………….

  2. إيش ذا المعلق الزبالة؟ مايعرف حتى ينطق اسم شنايدر

  3. I Love Inter Milan <3 Forever Inter - But - i think sneijder will go to Man U and Man U will giv us Nani + money 🙂 Anyway Tevez is Coming to Inter Summer 2011 🙂 FORZA INTER!!

  4. FUCĶ ӍAN I knӧw. Bǔt hey, do ǔ ẇạnt to ẇatch ṬV on ur ṔC

    Yӧu’ll gẹt àll the ŜKY CHĄNNELS there ís

    ĄND frọm any counţry IŇ TĤE WORLƊ, ọn yọur pc sċreen!!!!

    Gӧ tӧ tĥis siţe…

    ŧvonpcplus. §c§om

    (Change the ŧ to t)

    cĥeck it ọūt……………its ċool, i’vĕ gọt it mysĕlf.

  5. Inter is the best team in the world!!!!They will always be the defending champions of Europe!!!!FORZA INTER!!!!Inter for life!!!!

  6. What would we do without eto’o he is truely a legend
    Its really stupid how torres can cost 70 mil or even andy caroll ( noname) 40 mil .
    Eto’o + 45 mil = Ibra longnose ???
    Really curious this transfers !!!!

  7. Forza Inter.. No other team in the world has this kind of comeback spirt.. La Grande Inter!!

  8. how the fuck did Cesar got a redcard he just very touch hem i think that was for a yellow

  9. @alcamp1977 Yes you are very Correct. We have very few people leaving our team. Unless he is crazy like Mario Balotelli…All of them are Happy to be with Inter Milan. FORZA ! ! !

  10. why sneijder wont go to man u
    1. engine of inter
    2. moratti will not sell him for less then 50 or 60 million, which is too much for SAF,
    3. has a contract till 2015
    4. he says hes happy at inter (:
    5. he needs to be there to teach coutinho next year
    6. we are building our team around sneijder
    7. we are buying new players in the summer

  11. sneijder advice affelay not to go to mu.of course there is a reason why sneijder no to go to mu

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