25 thoughts on “Inter Milan vs Bari 4-0 All Goals & Highlights 22/09/2010

  1. ok im a big inter fan but in this video i couldn’t help but notice the absence of eto when milito celebrates and the absence of milito when eto celebrates, eto seems didnt run to milito which i think is a big deal considering that it was militos first goal and after etos second penalty he doesnt give a five to milito( look at 2:25 and 2:26 their hands dont touch) it seems to me like there is some problem between them, has any one else noticed ?( i also looked at etos previous goals in other vids

  2. @WarrenKoolidge juventus e milan sono gli unici ladri…che ci anno umilato nel mondo del calcio….questo e’ calcio vero!!!


  4. lol what an egoism from Eto`o and especially Milito..

    1st WTF was that in 3:30 ?$@%#! Coutinho assisted to Milito and he just ignorantly passed by him.. Just look after that at 3:37 when Pandev come to Milito mimicking with his eyes that Couthino excst (staying all time behind -alone and finally reacted with smile).. Milito u r ignorant bastard !!!

  5. @kosovanwhizkid “Oh come on dont even try”!!! Here is the Solon of football. You misses a little point here. Inter won the Campions league! so all your comment are quite simplistic not considering that Premierleage has always the same teams Manu, Arsenal and….Chelsea. In Spain Real and Barcelona. In Italian serie A any big team can be beaten even by small club; By the way yesterday Inter lost against Rome.

  6. @makkivi Oh come on dont even try to argue with my point, we all know that the competition in this league is significantly weaker than in england, spain and even germany. and the only reason why chievo are second is because roma, milan and juve have been a joke so far, again. and i know that inter won the CL last season, and that they were great in the cl last season, but they were far from great in the serie a that year so wats ur point?

  7. For all those who hate inter, you need to understand that we still love Jose Mourinuho and no one will be able to replace him not only because he is the special one but also because he is unique (e.g. everyone of us is unique). Rafa cannot be Jose and Jose cannot be Rafa. Everyone complains about Rafa (including myself) but that’s what we got. I still have to support inter. Why on earth fans from the following teams are stupid and haters: Juve AC Milan Roma and Barca?)

  8. This game was simply spectacular! Milito and Eto’o work very well together. Well done INTER!!!!

  9. dmn u bitches inter is the best fuck the fantastic4 milanesta hahaha and fuck juve

  10. ese hombre es el gol en persona, este iniesta, xavi, messi o ronaldhino…o no

    siempre marcara. GRANDE ETOO

  11. believe me 5 more scuddeto for inter in a raw …ac milan , as roma , fc juventus , r just part of 8 other clubs in serie a ..i think cesena is playin more wel than thoose 3 clubs …..VIVA FC INTER …..THE CURRENT CHAMPION OF CH.L

  12. @vaaldriniiACM fuck milan lol they are shit all that so called extra talent lol inter is just hard working players that work, milan lol fuck em.

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