25 thoughts on “Inter Milan – Schalke 2-5 Alle Tore All goals & Full Match Highlights 05/04/2011

  1. @Ekky731 then why did real get knocked out by barca in the Champions League,and are trailling Barca 8 points in La Liga with 3 games to go

  2. @MRLoadingERROR No, this proves the worth of Mourinho as a manager to win the Treble with a team that can’t even come close to doing it again a second year in a row.

  3. this proves inter were lucky last season against EVERY TEAM(CHELSEA(im a chelsea fan)cska,barca and bayern

  4. @ojideagu Serie A teams are shitty and extremely boring, no doubt. But I don’t think Valencia are bad. Though knocked out by Schalke, they played two tight games against United, and they matched Barcelona at Camp Nou.
    La Liga is much better than the Brits think. Most teams play beautiful football, one of the exception being Real Madrid, who, like United, are able to win an awful lot of matches with something called effectiveness.

  5. @awnplmigo They are still winning the league. I wouldn’t say their passing is poor, they are a very effective team. If they are that bad and are in another final what does that make the Champions league?
    Teams from other leagues must be even more shitty if Ac Milan, Inter Milan and Valencia can’t get far.

    By the way I am not a Man United fan.

  6. @ojideagu I don’t like the current United team partly because of their arrogent fans. And this is not the first time I hear this kind of excuse: the opponents NEED to attack. United often have poor possession due to their poor passing, simply not just when they’re having a comfortable lead.
    This is a good win, but United haven’t had too much of such wins this season. The weak midfield made them struggle against a lot of EPL sides.

  7. @awnplmigo Manchester United had their B team and still beat them easily. They didn’t need
    lot’s of possession in the second game as it was already well over. Schalke needed to attack.

    First match Possession statistics: Schalke 33% Manchester United 67%
    Second match: Schalke 54% Manchester United 45%

  8. @ojideagu They deserved to lose, OK, dear musician? Though this game was over at the 72 minute Schalke were still the team with slighly more possession. Some of United’s goals were admirable, but overall Schalke were the better passing team.
    I must admit that in 1st leg Schalke were fucking scared of United, and United played a rarely good game. They recalled me of the ’90s United – I was a big Red Devils fan then, and I have absolutely no problem loving them again if they’re actually great.

  9. @awnplmigo Are you kidding me, better style? Schalke barely touched the ball for 180 minutes to have any style. If it wasn’t for the goalie it would have been 10-1 over both legs.

  10. @ojideagu In terms of style they were the better team, but this kind of team may not be effective enough to win, and their defense was poor. In the 1st leg both their attacks and defense were crap, honestly. Hope they can work it out and become a really great team.

  11. @awnplmigo Yes, great play by Schalke today 6-1, the biggest ever semi final defeat in Champions League history. Schalke are the worst team in the Semi final of all time.

  12. We took what we planned for many years ( Champions league 2009-2010 ) I think it’s gonna take more couple of years to get the title again. Guess what, i didn’t even expect inter to reach the quarter final this year. At least with our worst moments we reach this lvl.

  13. @awnplmigo My god, Shalke were Awful last night! Man Utd dominated them from start to finish. It was like a training match for Man Utd. Ryan Giggs was running the Midfield at 38. Rooney Hernandez and Valencia completely destroyed them. Wow, overrated Man Utd? More like overrated Shalke04. They were abysmal and are lucky to be in the semi final. Man Utd should have scored 5. Shalke will never be equal to Utd, or any other world class team. They are mediocre, thats it.

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