Inter Milan Ready to Replaced Chile C

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Leonardo in charge of Inter Milan with the World Cup Football Shirt has made three consecutive league champions Inter new hope, and in the transfer market, Inter are also in the brewery generous 16 “Inter News Network,” said Inter Milan still being in the other two weeks, launched a final push to Sanchez, Sanchez completed once the winter, then missing the Nerazzurri will become this summer, buy targets, “Lao Yao Montenegro,” Vucinic will be Inter Milan’s number one the dam, and want to get Yao Dao The red wolf, among at least 20 million euros to pay the price.After returning from winter break, broke Sanchez made three straight games, the good performance of Chile C Lo almost increase their own worth, the main Udinese Zuo Xibo with the Football National Teams offer for Sanchez has reached 30 million! At that time, Premier League giants Chelsea are also involved in the fight against Sanchez, according to British media, including Abu Sanchez ready to offer 25 million, while offering Inter Sanchez also has been adjusted in the past the 18 million + Obi today in 1400 + + Ni Obi Biya Shakespeare, but Pozzo 30 million people there is still some distance, so that the transfer was immediate negotiations made significant progress. Currently, Sanchez moves on the issue is even clearer, Inter Milan and Sanchez fell in love, but obstacles allows the fixed headaches Udinese side Inter, the Italian press in the next two weeks, the Inter Udinese are continued its efforts during the negotiations, while Inter is also willing to make a second, if still no progress in these two weeks, then Inter will change this summer to recover Vucinic.

10 days before publishing the “Gazzetta dello Sport has made this research Vucinic goal of the season are 15 minutes, scored on the final pitch is a real murderer. However, this situation is not Vucinic wants, and this season, Marco Borriello join Vucinic with the Inter Milan Football Shirt is considerably reduced playing time, played in 13 games this season, played only three times in total, which also unhappy Vucinic, Lectra 4-2 at Catania in the game, Vucinic scored in the last 10 minutes, 2 goals, Montenegrins crazy every time to celebrate, to give vent to their feelings. Currently, the contract with Vucinic in Rome in June 2013 is that his annual salary of 300 million euros. Previously, the media Italian media have been interested in the Inter Vucinic broke the rumor, and even White said agent contact Vucinic has been compared with Sanchez, Vucinic more mature and adapt to Serie A the environment, the key moment is more evident, if any, are expected with Eto’o, Milito composition of super-Trident, the transfer market is currently valued at € 20,000,000 Vucinic but wants the introduction of the Inter Nicky Wu Qi is not easy, Romans with the Inter Milan Football Shirt, and do not want to sell the league nemesis Montenegro.

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