Gareth Bale Vs Inter Milan

Specific Highlights of Gareth Bale Vs Inter Milan match performed at White Hart Lane on Tuesday 2nd October,2010. He individually ripped apart the Inter Milan defence & in distinct Maicon which was considered as he very best proper-back in the entire world. Later Rafael Vander Vart describe BALE’s overall performance by declaring that BALE killed the MAICON tonite. Absolutely he is a genuine superstar in the producing for Tottenham. All the credit score goes to MILANKAKABAROS for this video.

25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale Vs Inter Milan

  1. People say he’s all about pace, and yes, it’s a very good trait to have, but it’s not all he’s got in his game. If pace was the only thing that mattered, then Walcott would be better than Bale. And he’s not.

  2. @NorwegianGamer1
    Coincidentally he was just breaking into the team when Spurs had a terrible run of form under Juande Ramos, so it was seen as a “curse” where in reality he didn’t have anything to do with it.

  3. Maicon is a good defender, but Bale ripped him to shreds. He simply couldn’t handle his pace. I’ve wathed a lot of Maicon and have never seen him get destroyed like that. Sign him up, fergie.

  4. If Bale’s not in the Team Of The Tournament I’ll chop my balls off and eat them.

    He should be based on the 135mins v Inter Milan alone!

  5. Have a look @ 2:20.

    Probably that’s the reason why, Maicon was being destroyed because he was distracted by that! LOL

  6. ha ha ha lmfao…. onlysticksandstones u merked that @ukgaydown!!! i guess he didn’t notice that at the start of ur comment it said …no homo!

  7. my prediction: in a few years, bale will become the greatest player on earth and real madrid will be offering over a hundred million for his signature.

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