FIFA 11 Game Sim | Milan vs Inter

Simulation of the April two match amongst AC Milan and Inter. For more info on FIFA eleven go to: Facebook Twitter:
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

25 thoughts on “FIFA 11 Game Sim | Milan vs Inter

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  4. You really FAIL the result between ACMilan and Internazionale… You think the Inter was on the same level than ACMILAN…

  5. @johnsanderson21 pes is a fun game but it is not as realistic as fifa, pes has more faces that look like the real players and has a better looking kit for Inter but in gameplay FIFA owns pes

  6. @dakdhadf it sounds like ”this should be a really crappy football match”

  7. @johnsanderson21 It’s a fucking comment. I could spend all the time I want typing it out and correcting my errors like you but I could really care less. I have more to do than reading comments and correcting spelling and shit.

  8. @D12DOOM Which I got from a news story about the team I support and the match I watched last night. Furthermore vids* implies plural, I’d not let my eyes bear witness to this tripe for anything more than the five seconds I saw of this one video, thank you very much.

  9. PES owns fifa, flows better looks more natural more fluid, FIFA is just pathetic and the graphics are dated. EA only focus on the Premiership and La Liga. Look at the faces of the players in Serie A, and the kits, just abismal, absolutely horrific. All FIFA has is licenses, but for gameplay PES just pisses all over fifa.

  10. FIfa is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than PES.

    Simple PES is for Rookies !!!

    Fifa for All-star !

    NUFF SAID !!!

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