16 thoughts on “Fifa 11 Commentary Aston Villa vs Inter Milan First Thoughts

  1. Lol you’re like me, cross after cross after cross… only I usually fail and knacker my players 😛 cool vid

  2. @bertkamp16 – sorry for late reply but i could be wrong as i did try do skill there but i think it looks like i just moved in that direction (when i do skill in game is usually consists of me movin the LS in any direction and hoping something happens lol)

  3. @TheOak1ey Can you give some tips on heading and crossing in a future vid? You def seem to have that under control!

  4. @slimblues – I’m going to do it but gna take me a week or two to do as i want to get 2-3 formation guides done so i always have one to upload, but iv got a tips commentary uploading so hopefully that’l help until the guides are up

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