25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo – Classico’s | 2011

  1. @MultiSingh93

    hahaha:D MESSI is a litlle bit smaller than ronaldo ;P haha
    he have scored less 10 goals than ronaldo haha that is very poooor, messi cannot play in argentina!!! he makes some skills and goals only of his teammates in barca! messi is bad! Ronaldo do EVER TIME skills.

  2. you have choose the right music for the right video, thanks a lot!!!;)
    great work!!! : ))

  3. @KPTheFootballMasters i will see more than what he done this year 2th bestplayer most more do ! C.Ronaldo best

  4. @nawafesma77v2 i have see the elclasicos 1:1 and 1:0 1:0(for Real Madrid)! hala madrid

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