25 thoughts on “Craig Bellamy | Return Of The Spitfire | Liverpool Fc |

  1. @lanite85 … And it’s also no secret that Iniesta and Messi makes him looks good and in the past, it was the likes of Deco, Eto’o and specially Ronaldinho.
    No doubt Xavi’s class but he’s damn OVERRATED & I can name tons of midfielders that can do the very same job he does at Barcelona and grab the headlines, examples: Gerrard, Schweinsteiger, Alonso, Ballack or Scholes in their prime – just to name a few…

  2. @lanite85 1 good pass ? Are you fucking kidding me !? Buy you a pair of spectacles – that would surely help !
    And Xavi best in his position in the world ? LOL… That gotta be some joke ! I would say YOU need to remove your blinkers because you definitely sound bias with your comment.
    Just put Xavi alongside poor players Gerrard has been playing for most of his career… Xavi will simply not exist & he’s still untested in the world best league, i.e, the English Premier League !…

  3. @shagrath37 what 1 good pass and hes better than xavi get a grip mate xavi is the best in his position in the world and if you would take off your biased glasses you’d see that too

  4. thats some superb quality on this vid dude. man people who upload football vids need to learn something from this one. rare that u come across one as good as this. great move from kenny to snap up craig.

  5. hahahah, this vid made me remember when its was dirk kuyt and belammy leading the liverpool attack awesome strike force

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