25 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Inter Milan (0-1) – All Goals and Highlights

  1. @albidj007 Yes,but Spain has other great teams like Real Madrid,Villareal and Valencia.Italy has Juventus,AC Milan.England has the best teams I know:Tottenham,Chelsea,Man Untied,Man City,Arsenal and Aston Villa
    I don’t really know many teams from Germany except Bayern and Werder Bremen

  2. Its funny to see Motta rolling around like he got shot here but in the game against Barca almost strangled Biscuits cause he “play-acted” lol

  3. @albidj007 dude if u are saying who is the 1st rank in each league i know but i mean my fav teams in all the leagues 😀

  4. @Aa555Ed Spanish league > Fc Barcelona!

    Italian league > Inter Milan

    English League > Manchester United/Arsenal

    German League > Bayren Munechn

  5. @andresiniesta1234567 lol u are a dick head dude am not saying who is he 1st rank u dick am saying my favorite teams omg stupid ppl are a lot these days

  6. @Aa555Ed Sapnish league is Barcelona retard. You fucking racist hater. madrid sucks ballS

  7. Spanish league > Real madrid
    Italian league > Inter Milan
    English League > Manchester United
    German League > Bayren Munechn

  8. inter is the best. And this is a club with worldclass player like zanetti,lucio,caesar,eto’o,milito,snejder
    their one of the best in the world and i dont’t know why anyone thinks that messi destroyed anyone.?

  9. is it football?! i thought it was kung-fu. i c ref is blind and cant see penalties

  10. If Chelsea scored one gpoal and inter didnt than chealsea would have one on away goals and how did barca win by cheating drogba in that game spoilt like 4 decent chances barca actually took their chancesand scored I think if messi was a little more inspired at home barca probablyu beaten barca but now barca got their revenge on mourinho so yea im cool with their win

  11. Inter did what Barca couldn’t do, beat Chelsea, and they did it fair and square, not like Barcunt, they cheated.

  12. @ThePL64 OMG where do you come from? Burkina Faso?? Your “english” is terrible!

  13. In this game chelsea play in the level of inter but only the inter nows how to play in that level.

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