25 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas – Arsenal FC | The Captain 2011/2012 – HD

  1. @KingDcome11 EPL and divers are you gay with your lionel messi messi is crap without xavi and iniesta what was at the copa america argentinia owned by uruguay and EPL full of divers look at manchester united arsenal liverpool or chelsea in all of the games from manchester united there are only dives from ronaldo not from rooney or other players only ronaldo was a diver at manchester unted and in barca messi mascherano busquet and pedro that are 4 players and manU 1 now there is nobody

  2. @KingDcome11 first of all messi has dived fact if u havnt seen him dive i dnt kno what u watching. second of all barca always get the upperhand likes of macheronao, busquet, pedro they always dive and get away with it. and refs always go in barcas side, matched like barca vs chelsea 2009, arsenal 2011, inter, real madrid, type this on your youtube search bar “Barcelona hollywood cheaters” and u say ronaldo learnt to dive yh but wat did he get he was booed in la liga u dive u get claps and cheers

  3. @PlayerKillerRS NO you are just a piece of shit. You said “all players learn to dive in BARCA” i said fuck you …how come messi doesn’t dive? if it’s true what you say ..then messi would be a diver like cristina ronalda. First of all Di maria was the player awarded the most penalties in la liga ( mostly dives ) , real madrid team awarded most penalties…barca is among the teams with less penalties awarded. La liga divers? EPL= where ronalda learn to dive, cesc is coming soon we all know it

  4. @KingDcome11 haha tbh barca do dive m8 and its not just one game go ucking watch arsenal vs barca u dumb shit, whole of la liga is based on diving so dont say barca dive thats a first. and u say u want nasri and cesc, cesc has a long term contract so arsenal are in no hurry to sell him for such a cheap price, if barca dont buy him we will just sell him to madrid to piss barca off and as for nasri i dont think u can handle his wage demand so i wouldnt really say ull have him.

  5. he is a good player ,but doesn’t deserve all that fuss about him with all due respect to the gunners

  6. fabregas indeed is one of the greates playmakers in history but i think his time in arsenal has expired … he doesnt play with passion he doesnt play with fluelent mind … he wants to return home and we cant blame him

  7. Barca don’t need him, I don’t know why they would even think about giving a player like Thiago away for him. Thiago has so much more potential as good a player as Fabregas is…

  8. @TheMrBeastyMode That won’t stop anything. All they need is deffence so they’re unstoppable. No goals let in. Only goals scored againts their opponent.

  9. @PiLLaYer1 Barca dive? one game that’s all…have you seen the “messi never dives ” videos? why is it that messi has been with barca since he was little and he hasn’t learnt to dive? it doesn’t make sense does it? lol you are a cunt. and we are paying 30 that’s it…if not we are getting Nasri and Cesc both next season..nasri will como for free and we’ll give you 25 next season for cesc when arsenal win shit once again.

  10. @MrZigzagSlope I know right, how could they sell back Robbin AND sneijder ?
    I have been hearing allot of rumors that Intermilan wants Sneijder AGAIN.
    All 3 teams wanted him, (Real Madrid,Manchester United,and InterMilan) but Intermilan paid him the most.

  11. @TheMrBeastyMode I would love to see that combo but Fabregas seems to be leading on a move to Barcelona and as for Snijder madrid had him already along with Robbin and they sold them back in 09 wich was the stupidest move they ever did

  12. @MrZigzagSlope Madrid needed to buy Fabregas AND Wesley Sneijder.
    With that Midfield they will be nonstoppable.

  13. o shyt.amazing video bro.you editing skills keep on improving.i wount be making a compilation for atleast another month lol.ill keep on trying to get my accounts back

  14. fabregas goes to madrid or barcelona next season he says he wants to play for barcelona but madrid are offering more money too me madrid need him more than barcelona

  15. @KingDcome11
    your a dick, all players learn at barce is to dive, barce even took the hardest man in the epl and made him a diver. my point was if we could get a better deal else where, why shouldnt we? we’re not tied to barce.if david villa is worth 40 and torres worth 50 on what planet is fabregas worth only 30? he showed his worth at the world cup. Spain would have struggled without him. the only match they lost was the only match he didnt play. torres was and is a passenger

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