25 thoughts on “Bayern Munich 0-2 Inter Milan – Jose Mourinho Crying and Celebrations

  1. ugh why nobody focuses on this side of him. Loved by his players, his
    family, devoted to his team and fans. sure he’s a prick but not to the
    people care about and that’s something

  2. Thank you mourinho!!! you made Inter the one and only to ever win the
    treble in Italian football history!! FORZA INTER!!!!!

  3. the best soccer coach off all time, with all the respect to alex ferguson.
    After he left michon and milito were never even close to what they were
    with moriniho.he gave the believe to be an amazing team.

  4. i almost cried in this video… i just love it when i see this man happy 😀
    i just wish we can do it this year and win the champions

  5. What a beautiful video!! Mourinho is the special one!! A loving man, who
    cares about his people (family, players, technical staff and fans). When
    your on top, people will always try to knock you down. Jose is the best!!

  6. …. Inter only needed that little push that Mou gave them and for that he
    deserves the respect. Other than that, Inter was already the best team in
    Italy for 3 years even before Mou arrived. Someone asked why Mou did not
    stay to continue having success. No, Mou knew that the team would fall
    apart after that so he left not to be part of it. Mou squeezes every bit of
    juice left in every player and when he leaves the entire team falls to
    pieces, if he manages to win, that’s his success if not, either way he

  7. the difference is mourinho inspired porto and inter to champions league
    victory – 2 teams that were not exactly world class. inter had a terrible
    record in european football before mourinho took charge.

    guardiola had the best team probably ever created at barcelona…plus the
    best player of all time, messi. 

  8. Why did you leave Mou :(. We achieved great things together, and we could
    have kept achieving them!!

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