25 thoughts on “Barca 5-0 Inter (Gamper Trophy)

  1. @panetero – haha, you just keep proving my point even clearer. Yes, i agree that Barcelona is the greatest team in the world, but the League is so uneven compared to premier league. Tottenham Almost went to the 2.nd division in england 2 years ago, and now they are the 5th best in England! In La liga Barca / Real Madrid will win every time… no interest of watching that league at all

  2. @rafilva villarreal is rubbish? better than napoli considering europa league’s results…and their football is beautiful. valencia got to 1/8 in the CL, only italian teams there are Inter and Milan, and Milan (Seria A LEADER!) has already gone home. And Inter is halfway there…

  3. @Jonsk12394 That’s bullshit and you know it. Do I have to remember you how Chelsea started this season? Or how Wolves lost against United playing with lots of subs…? I’m not saying it doesn’t happen in Spain, but it also happens in England. Anyway, the point is there’s not even one team in the EPL that plays like Barcelona does, not even Arsenal (the comparison is a joke imo). 0 shots on goal, and Wenger just made my point.

  4. Barcelona 1-2liverpool ur league is very poor though compared to premier league lol in england u have Liverpool,man utd,man city,everton,arsenal,Chelsea,tottenham,aston villa la liga Barcelona,real thts it

  5. fuck barcelllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. @barca4life9 – English Premier League is the league with the Overall highest levels. The bottom teams give a challenge almost every time you meet them

  7. @barca4life9 remuntada do you remeber?…what’s happened? you think that seria A is a joke? in the liga there is only two team and the rest rubbish

  8. let the upcoming fixtures do the talking aites no point discussing history here. it is, after all, history. both teams are respectable in their own ways.

  9. @Eandeavour I agree what Mourinho did was flawless. He is the best couch in the world, after all. He managed to stop barca’s game, but let’s face it. Today, like you said, Inter would be no match against Barca unless they focus on counter attacking like they did in the first leg of last year’s champions league

  10. @barca4life9 Barcelona is the best team of the world, but also the best team of the world can lose sometimes. If Inter played against Barcelona in such a way as it Barcelona does, the Italians would never have a chance. But you have seen what Mourinho has created with Inter. A tactically flawless achievement. I seem you have a notion of football, but you still should not offend other people. I offend here also nobody. And if Barca should get on against Inter, I will also recognisethis.Thinkabout

  11. @Eandeavour lol compared to serie A??lmao serie A is a joke. La Liga and EPL will always be superior. hmm 97 points, still not better than 99 lmao…didnt Inter lose to Atletico for the european supercup? they couldnt even get the sextuple and lost to a spanish team that is supposedly “crap”. In two games Inter will be lucky to receive only 2 goals in each game since, like always, will have 10 guys back and 1 man to chase the ball up front. hahaha, how many italians are in inter? 3? 2? LMAO

  12. @barca4life9 Inter made 97 Points in Season 07, 30 won, 7 drawn, 1 lost. 19 wins successively. Greatest Record of all time. 5 masteries in succession, Triple win in 2010. And the 99 points of Barca where you jerk your dick, remember except Barca and Real the rest in the Spanish league are crap. What you want to tell me? In two games Barca has no chance. Buy enough soft cover amigo. lol xD

  13. @Eandeavour suck my DICK !!! inter GAYS of milan sucks ! team of negros and gay italians !!! son of a bitch ! I piss on inter and barca will fuck your gay team if they meet…..;)

  14. @Eandeavour barca has been a sextuple champion… has been a three time champions league winner before inter..is 1st in la liga with 61 points and 16 straight victories…inter is in 3rd place in the serie A lol if they were to face this year, inter wouldnt survive lol

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