AC Milan San Siro Stadium victory over Naples

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The Rossoneri have been facing for 5 games unbeaten Naples (two wins 3 stage), it is property to 16 consecutive video games unbeaten (9 wins and seven levels), the very last residence dates back again to the 1985-86 period, misplaced by one at residence than 2, AC Milan this time, 1st leg away win 2 to 1. Antonini muscle damage absence, replaced its commencing placement Jankulovski. Marjorie week vacation in Naples, a tiny Cannavaro, Aronica, Paqienzha and Cavani back again.

25 minutes, crossing the ball midfield Mascara, Cavani, Silva fell to the ground pulling every single other, Abbiati confiscated the ball. The very first 28 minutes, the stadium appeared humorous scene, rescue Gattuso barb out of bounds, but the ball touched fingers Gattuso De Sena, the two bickering by the two referee warned. Pato up front then steals the ball Robinho, Ibrahimovic restricted rib cage appropriate foot shot was turned Kan Pani Yarrow denied. 32 minutes, Mark van Bommel on the proper even had 3 people outdoors the place right after Fabio Cannavaro rescue by tiny substantial cross, the ball Zhise Abat, Robinho the ball, Mark van Bommel restricted right-foot strike unguarded Youlei by Alois nicardipine physically denied.

32 minutes, crossing the ball Jankulovski Robinho restricted region just before the ball was hit his left leg hoping to rebound heel, Jankulovski lengthy-assortment greater than the restricted region just before the correct foot. 37 minutes, Abate throw right throw, high cross Robinho closed somewhat larger bottom line, Ibrahimovic missed the ball. Right after one minute, Ibrahimovic Direct, De Sanctis ahead of the net smash Flamini was accidentally disposed of before the attack, Pato got the ball low shot was Alois Nika siege. 41 minutes, Pato deliberately crash Alor nicardipine was booked. The very first 50 percent finish of the game, AC Milan draw with Napoli currently being to .

61 minutes, Silva fifty meters soon after the ball field soon after the ball, Pato was trying to smash a small Cannavaro tackles extraordinary rescue. Boateng played right away change Robinho. The very first 64 minutes, and Gennaro Gattuso injured fighting for Serie A Jerseys Mascara header was zuniga replaced. 66 minutes, crossing the ball left Ibrahimovic, Fabio Cannavaro header siege near the tiny, extended-assortment larger than Flamini to keep up with his left foot. 68 minutes, Marjorie on the appropriate crossing the ball, hoisting a tiny Cannavaro Road header just wide.

69 minutes, Gargano kick Boateng was booked, the right front kick Pato crossing the ball kick saved by De Sanctis with one particular hand. The initial 75 minutes, Alor nicardipine elbow Gattuso escaped the referee. 76 minutes, Flamini rescue mistakes, but Inter Milan Jerseys forward of the Cavani Silva prior to the siege, ahead of the discipline received the ball Zhise Ibrahimovic, Pato left rib cage large cross into the restricted location, Boateng Street correct foot to push a small restricted place shot score, 2 to ! scored 3 league ball Boateng was booked strip to celebrate.osure.

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