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  1. @weropituco well 11 vs 10 is easy man, and if barca loses against malaga and maiorca then..well they SUCK!!

  2. @FuRy0317 they didnt win the uefa.uefa was called the europa league before they rename it.the competition they won is called “champions league.”

  3. @BenAndDylanINC hey fuck u bitch inter’s a bad ass team. if they’re pussies, ho the fuck did they win the uefa?

  4. Mamma mia.. sono dei grandi!! Invece sempre di calcio, avete sentito mai parlare di KICKO?

  5. Inter derrotado por el barcelona, el barca le dio un baile, y una leccion, el barca parecia que estaba jugando contra el malaga, mallorca

  6. one thing milan are beter than inter, over the last decade, although inter had the best player ever… ronaldo9:), but both milan clubs would kick any english ass!

  7. how can I slam AC Melon fans to shut up … got into a heated debate last night with a friend of a friend .. nearly kicked his ass

  8. Ciao, io sono un giovane attaccante brasiliano, 19 anni, il mio sogno è giocare in Europa, ho molto la possibilità, ti invitiamo a vedere la mia abilità nel mio canale, ora grati!

  9. you are an idiot. Milan won the Champions league 2 years ago, Italian teams dominated the 90s european scene. You don’t even know Inter Milan and expect to judge Italian football? why don’t you go back hiding under the stone you came from?

  10. the action that start at 48″ was an action of Baggio wheh he played with Juventus! (the match was Juventus against Udinese)!


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